What’s Special About Printers That Utilize IDEX 3D Printing Technology?

利用IDEX 3D 打印技術的打印機有什麼特別呢?

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3D printing technology, as known as Additive Manufacturing (AM) or Rapid Prototyping. In the manufacturing process, the model is printed by layers. Among the numerous 3D printing technologies on the market, FDM is the most widely disseminated for several reasons. First, hardware and materials are affordable. Second, there are many kinds of available materials (such as nylon, TPU, PET-G or ABS, etc.), so this technology is suitable for a wide range of applications and markets. Third, compare with other 3D printing technologies, FDM is simple during design and easy handling.

What is IDEX 3D Printer?

利用IDEX 3D 打印技術的打印機有什麼特別呢?

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What types of nozzles can FDM 3D printer have? Generally, it can have one or two nozzles. Although single nozzle 3D printers are very popular, dual nozzles allow you to use additional materials and combine color together in a single printing, which bring benefits to high-quality 3D printing.

Presently, there are two technologies for dual nozzles: Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) and non-independent 3D printing technology. IDEX is a 3D printing technology that allows two print heads to move independently.

Each extruder has its own nozzle, which can print with the same or different materials as another nozzle. Compare with single extruder 3D printer, IDEX 3D printing technology has many advantages. For printers with non-independent extruders, nozzles are connected to each other. But for IDEX, the nozzle moves independently, which can improve the printing effect and reduce production time.

So what are the benefits of using the IDEX 3D printer:

Reduce Oozing When Printing Dual-Color Models

Some 3D printers on the market provide dual printing by placing two nozzles in single printing head. Due to the idling nozzle is always close to the printing part, oozing will occur. However, this can be prevented when using IDEX technology, by allowing one of the nozzles to be in idle mode on one side while the another nozzle is printing.

For IDEX 3D printers such as BCN3D Epsilon W50Flashforge Creator 4 or Creator 3, each independent extruder has its own nozzle and filament. When one nozzle is actively printing, another inactive nozzle moves to aside. As the idling print head is located near the edge, material leakage will not stick to your workpiece. This can prevent material contamination and provide cleaner printing.

When switching from one color to another, IDEX technology can further reduce the mixing of colors. These combinations help providing clean multi-color printing.

IDEX 3D printing technology used to offset the shortcomings described. In terms of double extrusion technology, IDEX 3D printing technology is the most reliable and concise solution in the market. For example, when printing water-soluble support or multi-material parts, the two extruders work independently to prevent printing materials from dropping into parts. The traditional double extrusion printer puts the two extruders together, which may cause the printing material to mess on the workpiece.

Duplication and Mirror Mode Printing Enjoy Double Speed


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IDEX 3D printer allows two identical parts to be printed at the same time. This doubles the production speed and makes the printing process more effective in mass production. Duplication mode is to use both extruders to print the same model at the same time. Mirror mode allows you to print symmetrical models. IDEX is the only extrusion system that can print independently with two print heads by duplication mode and mirror mode. Double printing ability means double productivity, all attribute to IDEX technology. Therefore, IDEX 3D printing technology means to be single investment, double productivity.

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利用IDEX 3D 打印技術的打印機有什麼特別呢?

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