Dental 3D Scanner and Intraoral 3D Scanner

Dental and intraoral 3D scanners allows the dentist to reconstruct the teeth in 3D digital way. Dentists can process and review the dental 3D models. The use of dental and intraoral 3D scanners allows dentists to diagnose problems more efficiently or provide more effective treatments. 3D dental scanner is most commonly used for cosmetic and restoration purposes, such as reconstructive therapy or oral surgery. By using dental and intraoral 3D scanners, dentist can use the 3D scan result as a planning and customization for surgical procedures such as dental implants.

We offer 2 types of dental 3D scanners (AutoScan-DS-EX Pro and Aoralscan ) produced by famous 3D scanner brand Shining 3D. Shining 3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro is a multi-functional desktop 3D dental scanner specializing in data acquiring for dental restoration, orthodontics and implantology. This AutoScan-DS-EX Pro dental 3D scanner is space-saving and powerful, which can give users a fast dental 3D scanning experience, especially appropriate for large dental labs enabling dental technicians to handle heavy workloads easily. It can also suitable to be applied to different dental clinics and dental vocational colleges etc.

As for an intraoral 3D scanner, it can reduce patient discomfort. Intraoral 3D scanner is efficient in timewise and able to streamline clinical procedures for dentists. It can also help remove the process of making plaster models and allowing better communication with the dental technician and with patients.

The Shining 3D Aoralscan intraoral 3D scanner streamlines the intraoral 3D scanning experience. The operation of Aoralscan is user-friendly and it can provides patients comfort while delivering reliable 3D scan results. Aoralscan enables dentists and dental technicians to acquire digital impressions with ease.

By using the dental and intraoral 3D scanners, dentists and dental technicians can reconstruct the teeth in 3D digital way so they can execute dental jobs more efficiently and simplify their dental work-flow.