3D Scanner for 3D Scanning Offered in Hong Kong

Hong Kong based 3D Lab Store sells various 3D scanners and 3D printers. 3D scanners are devices for 3D data acquisition via 3D scanning . 3D scanners can 3D scan the real objects to acquire 3D data Through optical technology. In addition, the 3D scanner is an important part of the 3D printing ecosystem, which is very helpful for a variety of workflows such as product design and research. By using a 3D scanner to execute digital 3D scan, users can quickly copy parts, greatly reducing the time spent in 3D modeling using 3D modeling software. Therefore, users who do not know how to make 3D models can more easily obtain 3D model files through 3D scanners for further 3D printing or 3D model modification.

The 3D scanner can also help users directly 3D scanning some 3D models that are difficult to create with 3D design software. In addition to assisting in 3D modeling, Users can apply 3D scanners in a variety of applications, such as product repair and measurement by 3D scanning. As 3D scanners shorten the product design and development cycle, many local Hong Kong industries such as rehabilitation, education, construction/ architecture, engineering, model making, etc. have been applying 3D scanners to do digital 3D scanning.

3D scanners are mainly divided into two categories when it comes to 3D scanning operations. The first category is Desktop 3D scanner  , which is normally used for 3D scanning small sized item, and second is Hand-held 3D scanner which is normally used for 3D scanning middle sized to large sized objects, and another one is dental 3D scanner. As desktop 3D scanner is mainly applied in 3D scanning smaller objects its point distance is generally higher, while the handheld 3D scanner gives users the flexibility to move around the 3D scanner for 3D scanning larger objects.

Hong Kong based 3D Lab Store sells various Shining 3D professional desktop and handheld 3D scanners, as well as Shining 3D related 3D scanning accessories. Many HK SMEs, Hong Kong schools, Hong Kong universities, and HK organizations have already used Shining 3D related 3D scanner product. If you have any questions about 3D scanners, please contact us.