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Founded in 2004, Shining 3D is one of the well-known leading brands of professional 3D scanners and a recognized leader in 3D scanning innovation. They have been working on developing 3D scanner products, including famous Einscan series scanners. Shining 3D holds more than 300 patents and 100 copyrights. The company mass-produces 3D products, provides robust technology and provides reliable support worldwide. Shining 3D’s goals include improving the efficiency of high-quality 3D model building, providing flexible production of complex design parts, and making 3D digital accessible to everyone in companies and general users.

Shining 3D’s customers now cover more than 70 countries/regions in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, including Hong Kong. Shining 3D has a very strict 3D scanner production management system, their production system is based on ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, OHSMS18000 international certification. And most Shining 3D products have passed CE, FDA, UL, FCC or RoHs international certification, which ensures the consistency of Shining 3D product standards and scale manufacturing, quality stability, and safety of manufacturing efficiency. Therefore, Shining 3D 3D scanners including Einscan series have quality assurance and are adored and used by professionals all over the world.

Many Hong Kong industries also need to use 3D scanners including Einscan series 3D scanner. At present, many Hong Kong SMEs and Hong Kong organizations have purchased Shining 3D 3D scanners from our 3D Lab Store. They use Shining 3D 3D scanners to assist them in the implementation of relevant designs , reverse engineering, medical, artistic or educational field work, greatly improving their work efficiency or shortening the product development cycle.

3D Lab Store is a Hong Kong reseller of Shining 3D 3D scanners, selling Shining 3D dental AutoScan 3D scanners, as well as various Shining 3D desktop 3D scanner such as full color Transcan C 3D scanner and handheld series 3D scanners such as Einscan Pro HD and related Einscan 3D scanning accessories, such as the portable Camera pack and Industrial Pack scanning accessories. If you have any questions about Shining 3D Einscan series products or Shining 3D dental 3D scanners, please contact 3D Lab Store Shining 3D Hong Kong reseller.

Shining 3D 3D Scanners Features

FreeScan Combo 封面 TranScan C - 1,200 萬像素- 超逼真掃描效果

Shining 3D scanners are equipped with high-precision sensors that capture intricate details with exceptional accuracy. This precision is crucial for applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, and product design.

Shining 3D’s products including Einscan series have broadly included all the elements needed to digitize 3D scanning used in enterprises, their 3D scanning solutions have been successfully used in many different fields, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, mold making, Electronics, Consumer Products, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Ancient Artifacts, Sculpture, Architecture, Energy, Research, Education and more. Due to Shining 3D’s product standards and production consistency, quality stability and safety in manufacturing efficiency are guaranteed, Shining 3D’s 3D scanning product equipment has been widely used around the world and has proven its high quality in numerous applications.

The Einscan 3D scanner series is divided into two categories: desktop and handheld 3D scanners, suitable for educational institutions, medical institutions, construction industry, product design or engineering and other enterprises. On the other hand, the use of 3D scanning technology in dentistry is becoming more and more extensive, and Shining 3D’s Autoscan series 3D scanners have also greatly facilitated the work of dentists.

Shining 3D 3D Scanners Application in Education

Einstar Education

Shining 3D’s state-of-the-art 3D scanners play a pivotal role in transforming education by introducing immersive and hands-on learning experiences.

Shining 3D 3D scanners contribute significantly to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Students can engage in practical applications, scanning and analyzing objects to understand geometric concepts and spatial relationships, fostering a deeper appreciation for these subjects.

Shining 3D scanners enable art and sculpture students to digitize and analyze physical art pieces. This technology encourages creativity by allowing students to incorporate 3D scanning into their artistic processes, providing a bridge between traditional art forms and modern technology.

Shining 3D 3D Scanners Application in Design and Engineering

freescan combo engineering

Shining 3D scanners facilitate the rapid and accurate capture of physical objects, allowing designers to digitize real-world prototypes. This digital representation becomes a foundation for iterative design improvements, reducing time-to-market and enhancing overall product development efficiency.

Shining 3D 3D scanners excel in reverse engineering applications, enabling engineers to recreate and modify existing components or products. This is particularly valuable in industries such as automotive and aerospace, where precise replicas or improvements on existing designs are required.

Designers and engineers use Shining 3D scanners to create detailed and accurate prototypes. The captured data facilitates rapid iteration, allowing for quick design adjustments and improvements before moving to full-scale production.

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