3D Lab Store is a Hong Kong 3D printer specialty online store, selling different types of 3D printers and filaments

3D Lab Store is a 3D printer specialty online store, selling different types of 3D printers and filaments. Our professional staff will help customers to choose the most suitable products based on their requirements.

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3D Printers are getting popular in many regions such as Hong Kong, and more and more companies are applying itAt the same time, because STEM education is promoted in  Hong Kong, 3D printeralso   become  widely used in  many  Hong Kong   educational organizations .3D Lab Store provides customers with different types of 3D printers including DLP 3D printer, single and dual extruder 3D printers and all-in-one 3D printer based on customers’ different requirement on 3D print. 

3D Scanner

More and more people are using 3D Scanner partly because 3D Printers are getting popular is in many places such as Hong KongSome educational organizations  in Hong Kong  are applying 3D scanner to   support their teaching programmewhile companies are applying them to support their product development. 3Scanner is very useful to get the 3D model file from the real object. The 3D model then can be 3D printed by 3D printer 


Hong Kong 3D Printer Specialty 3D Lab Store does not only provide 3D printer, but also 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA, and other special printing materials, which includes water-soluble material and wood materials. There are 2 types of diameters for 3D printer filament – 1.75mm and 2.85mm filaments. 1.75mm 3D printer filament is only for 3D printers which use 1.75mm diameter filamentwhile 2.85mm printing material  is only for 3D printers which use 2.85mm filament. 

1.75mm Special filament

3D Printer

Hight quality 3D printer including BCN3D Sigma R17, Flashforge Inventor series, Hunter, Creator Pro, Finder,….


Wide range of filaments are available

3D Slicing & Modeling Softwares

Download free 3D slicing and modeling softwares

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