Roland SRM-20

Roland SRM-20 desktop CNC milling machine

The Roland SRM-20 is a desktop CNC milling machine that can mill a wide variety of materials and is suitable for use in any office, home or classroom environment, making it simple to create high quality parts and prototypes. For users desiring advanced milling without the need for professional operation skills, the Roland SRM-20 milling machine is the simplest and most accurate CNC milling machine in its class.

Comes with an easy-to-use VPanel operating interface

The Roland SRM-20 desktop CNC milling machine ‘s VPanel operating interface allows users easily adjust the tool position and moving the cursor to set the starting point of milling process. VPanel also allows easy control of feed rate and spindle speed through pause and resume operations, as well as tracking X,Y,Z axis milling with a numeric readout in millimeters or inches

Provide a clean and safe manufacturing environment

The Roland SRM-20 desktop CNC milling machine has a dust cover and a dust collecting tray to make sure the production environment clean and tidy, and the debris generated during processing can be collected centrally. On the other hand, the Roland SRM-20 CNC milling machine also emphasize on safety. In the case that the dust cover is opened, the machining process will automatically stop to ensure the safety of the user.

Roland SRM-20 can be used in education

The Roland SRM-20 CNC milling machine is ideal for educational purposes, giving students the opportunity to experience design, technical and engineering process projects. It enables students to design and export complex conceptual designs, parts and scale models that can be a good helper for STEAM educators in the classroom.










工作台尺寸232.2(X) x 156.6(Y)mm
X,Y,Z 加工行程X 203.2 mm, Y 152.4mm, Z 60.5mm
夾頭尖端到工作檯面距離最大 130.75mm
傳輸介面USB 2.0
程式語言同時支援標準 NC G/M碼與HPGL RML-1碼
AC adapter: (AC 100V±10%、50/60Hz)
耗電量大約 55W
可打印物料PLA, PET(G), ABS, PVA, 特別物料
噪音待機:低於 45dB(A)
工作中(主軸啟動但無銑削時) :低於 65dB(A)
外觀尺寸451.0(W) × 426.6(D) × 426.2(H) mm
設備重量20.25 kg
X-, Y-, Z-軸驅動系統微步進馬達
主軸馬達DC 馬達 380 型式
軟體解析度0.01 mm/step(RML-1碼),0.001mm/step(NC 碼)
機械解析度0.000998594 mm/step
主軸轉速3000~7000 rpm
操作速度6 ~ 1800mm/分
可接受材料樹酯材料(塑膠,化學木,模型蠟, 等)與 PCB 板, 不支援金屬加工
附件 USB線、電源供應器、電源線、 剪裁工具、夾頭、螺絲、扳手、六角形扳手、定位針、雙面膠、啟動說明


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