BCN3D Epsilon W50 雙噴頭3D 打印機

BCN3D Smart Cabinet

The Smart Cabinet (SC) completes the Epsilon ecosystem,
offering seamless integration with your BCN3D Epsilon
printers and maximizing their uptime. Its filament humidity
control boosts your printers’ performance, keeping your
materials in optimal condition, and its uninterruptible power
supply protects your work at all times, avoiding the risk of
losing your print job due to power outages


The humidity-controlled environment has been designed
to extend the service life of your materials, protecting the filament
and reducing print failure due to moisture, significantly improving
your prints’ quality.


Protect your equipment and your work against power outages thanks to the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), providing 2 minutes of additional print time before a blackout, time enough for
the 3D printer to return automatically to the home position.


Full 3D printing solution. The Smart Cabinet integrates with your 3D printers, materials, and software, streamlining your workflow
thanks to its fast and easy loading of up to eight filament spools and its wheeled structure, which enables effortless transportation across your facilities.

Complete working station

The tool drawer provides you with every utensil you might need, and thanks to the extra space for your laptop or tablet you count on a full working station right by your 3D printer.

The dehumidifier can fit up to 8 small spools (between 750g – 1kg) or 4 big spools (up to 2,5kg).

Low Energy consumption:12 W Avg / 100 W Max.

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