Natural-2.85mm Formfutura Pegasus PP Ultralight 3D Printing Filament 500g

Pegasus PP Ultralight is most likely the lightest filament in the world!

Pegasus PP Ultralight is a nanotechnology enhanced compound based on Centaur PP plus other PP grades and various impact modifiers and binding agents. Due to the nanotechnology applied Pegasus PP Ultralight has a 20% lower weight and/or density than regular PP. Pegasus PP Ultralight combines all the mechanical properties of PP with an extremely lightweight and by that makes it a very suitable material for applications such as automotive, drones, floating applications, wear resistant & durable applications, etc…

**The filament complies with EU safety standards

Unique features

  • Extremely lightweight
    • Material density of 0.75 g/cc
      • 20% lighter than average PP
      • 40% lighter than average PLA
  • Good wear-, abrasion-, and fatigue resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Excellent interlayer adhesion
  • Excellent adhesion to Eurocel LDPE Tape (PE 920)

Filament length:± 105m


General printing guidelines*

Nozzle size≥ 0.4mm
Layer height≥ 0.1mm
Flow rate± 104%
Suggested Printing Temperature215 – 245° C

Suggested Heat bed temperature0 – 100° C
Print speedMedium/High
RetractionYes ± 5mm
Fan speed50-100%

*)Above displayed settings are meant as guidance to find your optimal print settings.

Material Safety and Technical Data Sheets

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