Zortrax apoller

Zortrax Apoller Smart Vapor Smoothing Device

Zortrax Apoller is a desktop smart vapor smoothing device offering industrial class performance. Every aspect of a smoothing process is managed by proprietary algorithms to get the looks of FDM 3D printed models on par with injection-molded items.

Smart Vapor Smoothing (SVS) technology evenly smooths surfaces on all kinds of models, including those with complex geometries and interlocked movable parts. It’s done through automatic management of temperature, pressure, and concentration of solvent vapors in the Apoller’s smoothing chamber.

  • Has a 300x250x250 mm smoothing chamber
  • Works in the Zortrax SVS technology
  • Compatible with MEK and acetone
  • Has an intuitive touch interface
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Works with ABS, ASA, and HIPS-based filaments
  • Has an advanced vapor circulation system
  • Safety systems are ATEX certified

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Build volume300 x 250 x 250 mm
Dimension671 x 396 x 388 mm
Maximum working temperature90° C
Compatible materials by butanone (MEK)Z-ABS-Glossy finish
Z-ULTRAT-Glossy finish
Z-ULTRAT Plus-Semi-matte finish
Z-HIPS-Glossy finish
External ABS-Glossy finish
External HIPS-Glossy finish
External ASA-Semi-matte finish
Compatible materials by acetoneZ-ABS -Glossy finish
Z-ULTRAT-Glossy finish
Z-ULTRAT Plus -Semi-matte finish
External ABS -Glossy finish
External ASA -Semi-matte finish
AC input110 V ~ 13.6 A 50/60 Hz ; 240 V ~ 6.3 A 50/60 Hz





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