Flashforge Adventurer3 Single Nozzle 3D Printer

Flashforge Adventurer3 is a new generation single nozzle 3D printer, which has embedded with new features, including:

Easily Removable Extruder Structure
The unique extruder design of Adventurer3 allows users to replace the nozzle quickly and easily. The nozzle can be easily taken down by pressing the buttons on both sides of extruder.

Removable & Heatable Bendable Plate
Adventurer3’s printing bed has a thin printing Plate which is bendable. This bendable plate allows users to take down a printed model much easier.

Built-in Filament detection Function
Adventurer 3 has automatic filament feeding function. Once the printer detects a filament being inserted into the intake hole, it will start loading automatically.

Monitor and Printing via cloud connection
Adventurer 3 has a built-in monitor camera. User can check the printing status real-time through cloud connection. Besides, users can do printing via the cloud as well.

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Built-in camera,  able to monitor printing via cloud

Adventurer3-print head

Easily Removable Extruder Structure


Bendable plate, which allows to remove the model easily from bed

Flashprint tree support

The included print software Flashprint provides tree support which is more material-saving, easier-to-remove

Able to print via cloud connection

Product Specifications

Layer Height0.1mm – 0.4mm
Printable Size150 x 150 x 150 mm (LxWxH)
Printer Size388 x 340 x 405 mm (LxWxH)
Maximum heat bed temperature100°C
Nozzle Numnber1
FilamentsPLA, PET(G), ABS
Printing Diameter1.75 mm
ConnectivityUSB Stick, WIFI
File FormatSTL, OBJ
OSWindows, Mac
Special FeatureTree-like support



Flashprint Slicing Software


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