CZUR ET16 PLUS CZUR ET16 Plus 書本和文檔影像掃描器

CZUR ET16 Plus Book & Document Scanner

CZUR ET16 Plus is a smart book and document scanner which bring simple, intelligent and fast scanning performance. All books, magazines, and any paper documents within A3 size can be scanned directly without cutting or unbinding. The scanning speed of CZUR ET16 Plus is at 1.5s/page. The scanned documents can be converted into wide range of editable format including Word、PDF、TIFF and Excel through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function.

CZUR ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner is embedded with a Sony-powered 16MP HD camera. Therefore the scanned digital page will be in high quality.

Besides, if the book or document is crooked or placed randomly under the camera of CZUR ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner, the scanner’s software can correct it. The CZUR ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner can also recognize the page edges and automatically correct and crop.

Book with curved surface can also be scanned by CZUR ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner with ease. Users can just lay down the book under the camera of the scanner, and then open and hold down the book with fingertips. The scanner’s software is then able to process and flattens the curved page smartly. Besides, your fingertips can be recognized, and the fingertips will be cropped from the final scan. Therefore, final scanned page is perfect and finger-free.

-The innovation curve flattening technology
-32-bit CPU enables fast scanning (2 page in 1.5s)
-Transfer images into editable files, 187 languages supported
-Generate video from real time operation
-Innovative side fill light to minimize reflection during scanning



Product typeDocuments, Books, Magazines,Forms, Invoices, Certificates,Business cards etc.
PixelCMOS 16MP
SpeedFlat single page≈1.5s/page; Books≈1.5s/dual pages
Export formatJPG, PDF, Word,Excel
System supportXP, Win 7/ 8/10, 32/64-bit; macOS 10.11 and above
Side lightsYes
Scanning methodDevice Control, Software triggering,
Hand button, Foot pedal
USBUSB 2.0 High-Speed
Video streaming formatMJPG
PreviewPC-Visual presenter: 3072*1728@12Fps;
Focus modeFixed focus
Color mode Color, Patterns, Stamps, Gray scale, B&W


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