1.75mm Sindoh PLA Refill 3D Printing Filament 700g

Sindoh ​PLA (Poly-lactic Acid or polylactide)​ has easy print-ability which makes it widely used in 3D printing.​

Sindoh PLA is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch such as from corn, cassava, sugarcane. PLA had the second highest consumption volume of any bio-plastic of the world.

PLA can be used as a decomposable packaging material, either cast, injection-molded, or spun. Cups and bags have been made from this material.

In 3D printing, PLA (Poly-lactic Acid) filament is the most common and broadly used material. PLA has a strength of about 70 ~ 80% or more compared to ABS filament and can be deformed at high temperatures.

The melting point of Sindoh ​PLA is around 180°C and unlike ABS, it does not shrink easily even when the temperature decreases, so it is possible to print variety of designs relatively stable and easy.​ ​

Material Safety and Technical Data Sheets

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