PVA – 2.85mm Formfutura Helios Support 3D Printing Filament 300g

Formfutura Helios Support is a water-soluble PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) support material for complex multi-extrusion 3D printing with styrene-based materials, or thermoplastics that need to be 3D printed at elevated temperatures. Formfutura Helios Support is a 3D printer filament with excellent thermal stability that can be 3D printed at nozzle temperatures up to 250° C. This makes Helios Support an ideal PVA support material with good thermal and chemical adherence to Styrene-based filaments and other materials that need to be 3D printed at higher temperatures.

**The filament complies with EU safety standards

Key features:

Good solubility in lukewarm water
Circulating water will speed up the dissolvability process
Excellent thermal stability, resulting in minimal risk on deterioration/crystalizing inside the nozzle
Max thermal stability of 250° C, tested up to 256 seconds with no flow
Can be printed in heated build chambers up to 60° C
Biodegradable once dissolved in water
Safe dissolution in tap water
Can be disposed of in the kitchen sink, or household drain with an excess of water
Good bonding to Styrene-based materials and other (thermo)plastics that print within a similar temperature range
Good adherence to ABS, TitanX, ClearScent ABS, ApolloX, Crystal Flex, Python Flex and Volcano PLA


3D printing geometries with large overhangs, or complex hollow structures
PVA Molds

Suggested Printing Temperature:235 – 255° C

Suggested Heat bed temperature:65 – 75° C


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Material Safety and Technical Data Sheet

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