Sculptable 3D Printing Filament | FormFutura Hong Kong Reseller

Formfutura Thibra3D Skulpt (1.75mm/ 2.85mm) is a very special, sculptable 3D printing filament. It allows users to adjust or modify 3D printing after printing. When heated with a heat gun, Thibra3D Skulpt sculptable 3D printing filament can be changed infinitely. For industrial designers, prototypes, artists, architects, prop makers or anyone who wants to use a 3D printer to produce complete, clean and extremely smooth 3D printed products, this is a revolutionary choice. 3D Lab Store is the Hong Kong reseller of Formfutura 3D printing materials. You can find Formfutura Thibra3D Skulpt in the 3D Lab Store.

Please click here to download the material safety data file and material technical data file of Formfutura Thibra3D Skulpt sculptural 3D printing materials.

The Characteristics of Thibra3D Skulpt Sculptable 3D printing Filament

Thibra3D Skulpt is a temperature-sensitive sculptable 3D printing filament with properties similar to clay. With Thibra3D Skulpt sculptable 3D printing filament, users no longer have to worry about printing lines, spots or spots on the surface of the 3D printed product. Just add some heat and make adjustments. The material can be shaped again and again, so if there are some flaws in the printed product during the printing process, it can also be modified.

Thibra3D Skulpt is a sculptable 3D printing filament for engraving product series. Thibra3D Skulpt sculptural 3D printing materials can be sprayed quickly and easily. Only need to degrease the printed product, (spray) primer and (spray) paint.

Main features:
– Just use some heat and water to make the printed product smooth and eliminate the defects such as printing lines and spots. -Can adjust, engrave, cut and add materials after 3D printing
– Thibra3D Skulpt, a sculptable 3D printing filament, can be printed at a lower working temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.
– Thibra3D Skulp uses cool colors, so it can provide extremely high definition for the shadows of the finished product
– The finished product after printing is easy to paint. Just remove the grease with soap and warm water
– Reusable-never dry or crack
– Using hot water or hot air gun to heat the Thibra3D Skulpt sculptural 3D printing material can be made into a specific area of ​​3D printing to heat and modify.
– Easy to handle the details of the finished model,
– Hard surface, polishable and easy to paint