PETG 3D Printing Filament | FormFutura Hong Kong Reseller

Formfutura’s PETG 3D printing filament (1.75mm/ 2.85mm) is a high-performance 3D printing material that is easy to print and has a stable wire diameter to keep the 3D printing process smooth and the printed product to maintain the highest quality. PETG produces high-strength, high-gloss and high-transparency printed products. PETG (also known as copolyester) 3D printing filament itself has a long scientific name, called Polyethylene Terephthalateco-1, 4-cylclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate. It is actually an improved version of PET plastic, which combines the benefits of the two 3D printing materials, ABS and PLA. For example, PETG has a low shrinkage rate like PLA, but has high impact resistance and good toughness like ABS, that is, it is not easy to break when subjected to external forces. 3D Lab Store is the Hong Kong reseller of Formfutura 3D printing materials. You can find Formfutura PETG 3D printing filament -HDglass 3D printing materials in 3D Lab Store. There are several colors and different diameters to choose from.

Please click here to download the material safety data files and material technical data files of the Formfutura PETG 3D printing material series.

The Characteristics of HDglass PETG 3D Printing Filament

HDglass is a high-performance 3D printing filament based on a unique PETG mixture, which can produce high-strength, high-gloss and high-transparency printing materials. Because HDglass PETG 3D printing filament has very good thermal stability, excellent printing fluidity, very easy to print, high gloss, high transparency and other advantages.

Main feature:
– Have high transparency and high gloss
– 90% light transmittance, only 1% haze
– Easy to print. When printing with HDglass PETG 3D printing filament, there is almost no model warpage and good layer-to-layer adhesion. The first layer of the printed 3D model has good adhesion to the surface of the heated glass printing platform of the 3D printer force
– Compared with similar materials, it has higher strength and toughness
– Odorless during printing