PA Nylon 3D Printing Filament | FormFutura Hong Kong Reseller

Nylon (PA) is a widely used material. Formfutura’s nylon 3D printing filament have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high resistance, and are considered high-performance plastics. Nylon is widely used in the automotive and transportation markets, consumer goods, and electrical and electronic applications. The material of Formfutura has a stable wire diameter, which keeps the 3D printing process smooth and allows the printed product to maintain the highest quality. 3D Lab Store is the Hong Kong reseller of Formfutura 3D printing materials. The Formfutura nylon 3D printing materials that can be found in 3D Lab Store include STYX-12 nylon 3D printing materials and Novamid ID1030-CF10 nylon carbon fiber 3D printing materials, with 1.75mm/ 2.85mm thread Path selection.

Please click here to download the material safety data files and material technical data files of the Formfutura nylon 3D printing material series.

The Characteristics of STYX-12 Nylon PA 3D Printing Filament

Formfutura STYX-12 is an industrial grade PA12 nylon 3D printing filament with excellent mechanical, chemical and moisture absorption and printability.

Compared with other nylon 3D printing materials, STYX-12 nylon 3D printing filament have very low water absorption and can be printed at a relatively low temperature. The combination of these characteristics brings high-performance industrial-grade nylon to users, which can be printed on a variety of FFF / FDM technology 3D printers.

Main features:
– Excellent mechanical properties, firmness, flexibility, high impact resistance, high crack resistance, high scratch resistance
– Chemical resistance
– UV resistance
– The printed size is very stable

The Characteristics of Novamid ID1030-CF10 nylon carbon fiber 3D printing

Novamid®ID1030 CF10 is a nylon 3D printing filament mixed with carbon fiber, which can 3D print high-performance and durable structural parts. Novamid ID1030-CF10 3D printing material contains 10% carbon fiber, and the performance of the printed parts is close to the mechanical properties that can usually only be achieved by injection molding. Novamid ID1030 CF10 is a new type of carbon fiber and nylon PA6/66, which can print durable structural parts with high dimensional stability and no warpage. This nylon PA6/66 3D printing filament uses actual carbon fiber instead of the generally used powdered carbon, resulting in higher tensile strength and stronger, harder and tougher parts. The printed model has excellent mechanical properties and smooth appearance, which is very suitable for 3D printing some parts that require strong performance at high temperatures. Novamid ID1030-CF10 nylon carbon fiber 3D printing filament is specially designed for 3D printing. It is an ideal choice for the production of functional parts and functional prototypes using FFF 3D printing technology.

Main features:
– Application under the car hood
– Protective and auxiliary sports equipment
– High-performance functional components
– Manufacturing jigs and fixtures
– Medical stents and prostheses
– Lightweight applications
– Applications that require sturdy parts and good mechanical properties