Zortrax DSS Station

Zortrax DSS Station for PVA Soluble Support Removal

The Zortrax DSS Station is a device that dissolves water-soluble supports. The Zortrax DSS Station is very easy to use. Just put the model in the DSS Station, then add water, and then through the built-in heating and time setting, the PVA water-soluble support can be quickly dissolved  and removed.

Equipment function:

– removal of water soluble support structure
– Suitable for PVA water-soluble printing materials
– Just add water without adding other solvents
– easy to set up



Product Size235 x 238 x 295 mm (WxDxH)
產品內部尺寸188 x 188 x 199 mm (WxDxH)
Maximum working temperature75 °C
Shipping Weight9.5 kg
最高轉速220 rpm

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