Shining 3D Transcan 3D Scanner Available in Hong Kong

Transcan 3D scanners developed by Shining 3D are a professional-grade 3D scanner capturing exceptionally high resolution and accurate scans of objects from small to medium size objects. Transcan 3D scanners are suitable for a wide variety of industries. In addition, high resolution cameras produce rich and detailed textured 3D model, giving an high resolution image of the physical object.

Shining 3D Transcan 3D scanners are equipped with intelligent operation, which means the scanning process is fully automatic with the turntable. The operation software of the Transcan 3D scanners is easy-to-use and intuitive.

Together with the Transcan software’s stitching algorithm, Shining 3D Transcan 3D scanners ensure the efficient acquisition of 3D scanning data with minimum manual intervention. The software interface for Shining 3D Transcan guides the user through a simple scanning operation process to obtain a optimized scanning outcome.

Shining 3D Transcan uses structured light and a LED light source, which offer multiple scanning areas and uses a professional high resolution camera. This feature enables Shining 3D Transcan to create detailed and colorful 3D models. As a 3D scanning solution provider in Hong Kong, 3D Lab Store is also selling Shining 3D Transcan 3D scanner.