Snapmaker 3D Printer

The Snapmaker’s modular construction enables customers to change a number of the 3D printer’s features. Add more arms and alter the overall form factor to accommodate a variety of jobs. You can use the laser engraving and CNC cutting heads in addition to 3D printing to make intricate designs from wood and other materials.

The Snapmaker 2.0 offers customers all the manufacturing options a DIY enthusiast could desire. The possibilities for creativity are endless because users can substitute a CNC tool or a laser diode for the single 3D printing head as needed.

Founded in 2016, Snapmaker is a technology company that integrates R&D, production and desktop-level multi-functional 3D products. It strives to promote rapid prototyping technology, making it more extensive, and bringing benefits to users. At the same time, Snapmaker provides powerful upgrade module for its multi functional 3D printer.