Flashforge Finder 3D Printer + 3 Reels of 1kg PLA

$5,625  $5,475

This package include Flashforge Finder 3D printer and 3 reels of  (black, white, sliver) 1kg PLA

Flashforge Finder is an eay-to-use 3D printer, especially for education and family.

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$5,655.00 $5,475.00


Flashforge Finder non-heated for PLA  printing


easy to operate

Embedded with semi-auto bed leveling system, which can allow people to do leveling more easily

able to print via Wifi

Besides USB stick and USB cable, Finder can print via Wifi

Quiet 3D printing environment

quiet, as low as 50Db


User-friendly 3D printing software

Flashprint is and easy-to-use 3D slicing software, able to slice the 3d model easily


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