AIO Robotics Zeus 3D Printer with built-in 3D scanner, including 3 reels of 1kg PLA

This is the promotion package of AIO Robotics ZEUS 3D Printer. ZEUS 3D printer  is embedded with 3D scanning system, which streamlines the general 3D scanning preparation and allows users to do the 3D scanning more conveniently. Besides, all-in-one 3D Printer AIO Robotics ZEUS has a built-in 3D Slicing Software, which enables users to do the 3d printing and 3D scanning directly via the full color touchscreen on the printer, providing an integrated and easy-to-use experience.

This promotion package includes:
– AIO Robotics ZEUS 3D Printer

– 1 black,1 White, and 1 Grey 1kg PLA

 Regarding the shipping policies, please refer to here.


Built-in 3D Slicing Software

AIO Robotics ZEUS all-in-one 3D printer is embeded with 3D slicing software Slic3r,so users can directly do the  printing settings  for the 3D model via the touch screen on the ZEUS  3D Printer.

Automatic Leveling System

Embedded with automatic leveling system, which can improve the accuracy of the calibration.

Built-in 3D Scanning System

Combine with 3D scanning system, allowing users to have integrated 3D scanning and printing experience.

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